Optimal sailing efficiency

Fuel flow meter boat

Don’t just be a boat owner. Embrace your life on the sea with optimally prepared vessel that will give you the best possible experience. It makes sense to care about sailing efficiency, not only because of the experience, but also because it results in longer life-span, easier maintenance, and lower cost of owning the boat. You don’t have to do much, just take some simple steps to improve the efficiency of your sailing.

Keep the hull clean

The hull of your boat can become fouled with marine life and other factors, especially after long periods of rest. Antifouling is crucial for ensuring the efficiency of sailing. It keeps the hull clean and hydrodynamic, that’s why the boat sails better, faster, and cheaper. Antifouling doesn’t necessarily demand a big investment. You can easily get efficient products for less than 100 €. Those are various antifouling paints that will protect your boat for the whole season or even longer. There are more expensive options, of course – you can choose electronic antifouling, which is also longer lasting and more efficient.

Optimize the fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is responsible for a large chunk of total cost of boat ownership. You can get it under control with a fuel flow meter. Boat can only be efficiently run with accurate data available at all times. With a fuel flow meter, boat will offer you a glimpse into the details of fuel consumption – it shows fuel flow rate and consumption, as well as fuel level with much higher degree of accuracy than floating gauges. With that, you can easily optimize the fuel efficiency of your boat. You can expect a lot from even a simple fuel flow meter – boat will run at least 10% more efficiently, which also means savings with fuel.