Tourism in Bovec

Rafting Bovec Soca

Bovec is a relatively unknown town in the north-western part of Slovenia. While it’s not on the top of the list for many international travelers, it is definitely the place to be for a specific kind of tourists – those that love adrenaline sports in a pristine natural environment!

Tourism in Bovec has been directed explicitly into the niche of adventure and extreme sports in the past, but has since developed into a varied offer, attracting different kinds of tourists as well. The main selling points are still the activities in the natural surroundings of the River Soča. The town is situated on the shore of the river, meaning that the best place is for rafting Bovec, Soca providing the ideal route for adrenaline rides. Also for kayak, Bovec is the best starting point, owing the popularity to the convenience and accessibility, as well as to a wide offer of equipment rental services, transportation, and other necessary additions to the core offer. With rafting and kayak, Bovec invites a wide variety of adventure-seeking tourists, but that’s not all the town has to offer.

Even if you’re not into rafting, Bovec, Soca and other points of interest have a lot to offer. The nature itself is attractive and inviting, especially so considering all the activities that can be done in the picturesque natural surroundings. While there are some attractions standing out, for example rafting Bovec, Soca offers much more – the environment is perfect for running, cycling, hiking, or just relaxing on the shores. Not only known for sports such as rafting and kayak, Bovec has also developed the accompanying tourist offer and combines comprehensive hospitality services. Don’t worry about accommodation or dining, both are very well taken care of, especially with the traditional local cuisine you simply must experience!