Adventures on the Soca River

Soca rafting

If you are an adventurer you should definitely try Soca rafting! Soča is a river in Slovenia, and it flows in Soča valley. It is known for its beautiful emerald clear colour. But many adventurists are familiar with it because of all the water sports that we can do on it.

River Soča offers you many different kinds of activities. You can go rafting, kayaking, hydrospeeding, canyoning… It has different difficulty levels so it does not matter if you are a beginner or professional. Usually people start with raft or kayak in Bovec. From there they go Soca rafting to Kobarid and then to the finish point in Tolmin. It is a little bit difficult going with kayak in Bovec because the flow of Soča there is stronger than in Kobarid or Tolmin, so it is strongly recommended to have a professional guide with you. He or she will help you in case of any troubles and because they know the river very well they will offer you the best advice and make your experience more memorable.

Soca rafting is recommended for couples, families and different groups of different ages. There will be a guide in a raft the whole time, so it is very safe. If you are still not sure about Soca rafting in Bovec region, you can do it in Kobarid or Tolmin where the river flow is much calmer than in the beginning of Soča. But what to do if you are a beginner and still want to try kayak? Bovec is known for having some difficult and even dangerous parts of the river. To learn all the basics and to become confident in your skills you are recommended to try kayaking on the lake in Most na Soči where the water is calmer.